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GeoConnect® is an app that lets you explore unique content and places around you.

Connecting You to the World and Others Around You

The App

Newsfeed posts show you what’s going on around you and are sorted by relative distance from your current location.

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See other GeoConnect® users that are near you, sorted by relative distance from your current location. Chat with them, view their profile, and see what they’ve uploaded.

GeoConnect® Nearby Screen

View, participate, and create groups by current location. Groups that you create can be public or private and allow participants to chat, create events, and upload photos/videos. Create a group for your class, HOA, club, or neighborhood.

See what’s happening on your WiFi network.  GeoConnect® users on the same WiFi network can chat, create events, and share posts via this adhoc group.

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GeoConnect® Wifi Adhoc Screen


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